Thursday, 21 April 2011

A bit of everything

Wow, I really haven't mastered the art of regular blogging have I!?

I will once my degree's over though. I can't actually WAIT - under 2 months to go! In that time I have to hand in a 10,000 word dissertation which I've hardly started, a 3000 word essay to which the same applies and I have to revise for and sit three exams. In short, fuck. But anyway.

It's boiling here (at least in the South of England)... am too awake and hot to sleep at the moment. Is it hot in the rest of the country? I wouldn't know :P I haven't even left my house in a week because I've been inputting data into excel for my dissertation, day after day after day. I have to look through 900 newspaper reports on suicide and collate information on 1) the newspaper issue number 2) the person's name 3) whether they attempted suicide or actually "succeeded" (for want of a better word) 4) how they did it 5) their age if known 6) their occupation if known 7) their sex 8) the reason the article specifies for the suicide/ attempt 9) the headline of the article, if any 10) the number of lines of the article 11) The language - anything that stands out. I don't even know what I'm trying to get from that information or how I'm going to use it. I haven't even finalised the question, eeeek!

But anyway, that's enough of that! Since I've been on the Easter break I've felt the need to look after myself a bit better beauty-wise. I never normally do my nails, never bother putting any kind of products on my face, etc. But for some reason I wanted to start trying. So, here are a couple of things I've found that I've found really useful:

1) Nails:

a) Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle and Nail Treatment Pen:

b) Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment:

My nails are naturally very flaky and weak. They bend and snap and chip and eurgh. But this stuff has really made a difference :) I don't have pictures yet but I may post some in a while!

2) Skin:

I can't afford to go all out on skin stuff at the moment/ get a full set of anything, but I thought I'd start with moisturiser because I do get dry skin on my face a fair amount. I'd read a lot of good things about Simple, so I got this:

I love it, it's the perfect consistency and most importantly NOT GREASY! Hooray!

I also got this for the day because it has SPF in it (I don't think they've updated the site or the picture to the one that has SPF yet):

It's a bit heavier but the SPF is a massive bonus and it smells incredible!

I would love to get all my facial stuff from Simple, I just have to be able to afford to get the rest of it! It's not expensive, I just can't afford anything at the moment haha.

3) Lips:

I'm sure Simple's lip moisturiser would probably be brilliant (can you tell I'm a convert!?) but I thought I'd give Carmex a go because it was £2 and it said it was cherry scented which is all I needed to be persuaded really :P

Honestly, I've used Vaseline and various other lip balms/ moisturisers and this is by *far* the best. My lips are so smooth! Worryingly my mum commented on how kissable they look o_O let's just not talk about that.

Ohh, and, I heard Katy Perry's ET today... :) it's so good. Not Kanye West's version, urgh. ¬_¬ but the original, and some of the remixes are immense!

Especially: - lovelovelove in particular!

I've not really heard any "dubstep" I like until Noisia... seriously wow, they are slightly addictive!

e.g. I discovered this when browsing youtube:


I like discovering new music!

And don't get me started on my girl crush on Katy Perry.

Excuse me while I wipe up my drool.

Oh, last thing - recently when I was in Starbucks I slammed my finger in a door. Facepalm I know. Turns out I managed to fracture my finger tip. Who even does that!? What a tool. And this was it a couple of days ago (excuse the nails, pre-Sally!):

The black bits under my nail = coagulated blood. Attractive.

And yes thanks, someone has already pointed out if you turn your head it looks a bit like a penis.

Only I could manage to get injuries like that.

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