Thursday, 29 July 2010

M.E. Awareness Video

Hey :)

So, I've been considering making an M.E. awareness video for YouTube for a while now.

The other day I attempted to make it - not as easy as I thought because ironically M.E. gets in the way!

Thought I'd post you a little video of outtakes so far (just from an hour of trying to make the video) - I haven't managed to get *anything* I can use yet and that hour tired me out for the rest of the day. Lol! Enjoy!


Bethany Mason said...

That video made me laugh simply because it reminded me of all the times that that happens to me when talking to people. Looking forward to the finished video when you're done :)

Arkangelus said...

I'm amazed you've managed to have a video on youtube for 6 full hours without either

a) the comments being taken over by an argument that descends into someone being called a nazi, or

b) an obscure fetish group finding the video and posting creepy comments that you should show your toes.

hannah said...

Love it! The same as Bethany, it reminds me of all the times I've done that in front of people, particularly in presentations and things when I'm meant to sound clever haha