Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Poorly day :(

So today's been a bit rubbish. I didn't sleep at all last night. Anyway, at about half 9 this morning I was just lying in bed minding my own business when my nose was suddenly really runny for no reason - I looked down and there was blood all over my arm, then it was dripping on to my sheets, and I could feel it dribbling out of my nose and all over my mouth and chin. Gross. I was not amused :P I've had a bloody nose for about two weeks now, constantly. No idea why, it's just like when I blow my nose, the mucus is bloody. TASTY! But today I had a full on nosebleed, the likes of which I haven't had in years. I think it's because the air is so dry at the moment. I Googled causes of nosebleeds (good old Google!) and dry air was one, so I presume it's just that bursting my blood vessels gradually. Brilliant ;)

Anyway, I've been particularly weak and tired this week which has been annoying. When I got up today (I went back to sleep after the nosebleed - and after I'd cleaned up I might add!), I tried to get out of bed and almost fell over, I felt so dizzy when I stood up. I tried tidying my room but couldn't stand up so just shuffled along my floor for most of my attempt to tidy up... bet that looked normal, hahaha.
I think shortly after that I went back to bed as I couldn't keep my eyes open (so made bugger all progress on my project again... wahhh :().

This evening, my boyfriend made a chicken korma for us and another housemate. About an hour later I started having the worst stomach cramps I've had in ages - I mean like, years. They hurt so much I was crying and imagined that contractions must feel similar, heh. I then ended up in a cold sweat and was throwing up for a while. I still feel a bit dodgy but thankfully not as bad as I did, and the stomach cramps aren't too bad now. It was horrible though, and has put me off chicken korma indefinitely +o(

So today has been defined by feeling weak, tired and rubbish, a gigantic nosebleed, stomach cramps and throwing up and deciding to never eat chicken korma again! And I did nothing constructive either. Oh dear. Hopefully tomorrow (well, today, considering it's 2am) will be more constructive...

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